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About Us


Simply Lovely Photo + Film is specialized in destination wedding with a documentary approach.

Helmed by a husband and wife team, truly passionate about storytelling, Jess and Yoanna offer a personal and vibrant photography and videography services. Being a multinational couple, half Spanish half French, they work in both areas south of France and south of Spain and are available for travel in Europe and beyond.

“Our images evoke true emotion. We believe there is a natural beauty in every moment… We are inspired by each wedding story and we aim to capture the essence of each of our couples, making the process of photographing and filming as easy and natural as possible.”

Simply lovely duo is available for weddings worldwide. Their work has taken them to beautiful places on the French Riviera, the charming streets of Eze, the luxurious hotels of Monaco, the historic castles in the French countryside, the picturesque haciendas in the south of Spain and the majestic Mezquita Cathedral of Cordoba.

Their work has been published in Wedding Chiks, Fearless, French Wedding Style, Oui Do, La Mariée sous les étoiles, les Moineaux de la Mariée, Lily Liste.

Wedding Photography and Cinematography.

Our style is the union between photojournalism and visual art. Catching what is happening around us naturally without interfering, giving itself an artistic wrap. Our goal is to capture every moment from the best angle, using natural light to shape each image. We invite you to discover Jess's personal portfolio to understand better his unique vision of wedding photography: https://www.jessmartinezphotography.com/

This same philosophy we use in our wedding photography we apply to our videos. For us, video is moving pictures. Our wedding films are made in a cinematic way, using specialized equipment, with two or three HD/4k cameras.

We take grate care in editing, in an artistic way. We use images and sounds to create a unique atmosphere.

We offer different services depending on your needs: Photo, Video, PhotoBook, Wedding Destination... We are international wedding photographers and we work mainly in South of France (Côte d'Azur, Provence, Marseille, Aix, Monaco) and Spain (Cordoba, Sevilla, Barcelone, Balearic Islands) We will go wherever your stories take us...

For details of our services and rates do not hesitate to contact us.

Yoanna & Jess.



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